We believe the best way to grow in your faith is by taking NEXT STEPS. Next Steps are designed to take you from the beginning of your faith journey into becoming a fully-devoted follower of Christ. No matter where your are on that journey, we want to help you take your next step!


Please explore the steps below and let us know what your next step is and how we can help.



Attend a Sunday Worship Experience


The first step in your faith journey is DISCOVERING the message of Jesus Christ! The best way to do this is to attend our Sunday Morning Worship Experience where you will hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus and have an opportunity to receive the life of Christ. If you are already a believer, then great!.. you’re ready for your next step.




Join a Connect Group


We believe life is done best in ‘circles’ and not ‘rows’. While the Sunday morning worship experience is great, true community and maturity happens best in small groups. At Connect Church we call our small groups, Connect Groups. Here you can mature in your understand of the Bible, your relationships with others, and your God-given purpose.




Sign-Up For ‘Connecting’


After discovering faith in Christ, we want you to be a part of our Connect Family through church membership. Membership is not just joining an organization but belonging to a family. To learn more about our church we offer a 3-week ‘Connecting’ class throughout the year. Here you will learn about God, Yourself as a Believer, and about our church.




Be a Dream Teamer


Church is not a spectator sport, but a place where you can engage our mission and serve others. Our volunteer staff is the heartbeat of our church, without them, nothing much happens. At Connect Church we call our volunteers ‘The Dream Team’. Our awesome Dream Teamers serve in various ministries so that others can come to Discover Christ