We exist to connect local and global communities to Christ.


To Discover – The Good News of Christ

To Connect – To A Family of Faith

To Grow – In My Relationship with Christ and Others

To Engage – By Serving Others 


WE VALUE… THE GOSPEL OF GRACE (Grace is a person, His name is Jesus, and that’s good news!)

WE VALUE… SPIRITUAL MATURITY (We will grow in grace in every area of our lives)

WE VALUE… ONE ANOTHER (We honor up, down, and all around)

WE VALUE… THE LOCAL CHURCH (We will invest our lives to build the local church)

WE VALUE… OUR VISION AND MISSION (Our vision and mission drives all that we do)

WE VALUE… BELONGING (We seek to build a welcoming family of faith)

WE VALUE… GENEROSITY  (We are blessed to be a blessing – leading the way with generosity)

WE VALUE… EXCELLENCE (We will reject complacency and always bring our best)

WE VALUE… DIVERSITY (We desire to be a multigenerational and multicultural church)

WE VALUE… BEING RELEVANT (We continually use relevant methods to reach new people)